Mount Laurel toothache

Mount Laurel Toothache

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Common causes of toothaches in Mount Laurel

The common causes of toothaches are either the breaching of your tooth’s protective layers or can be traced back to it. The good news is that here at Pleasant Valley Family Dentistry, relief is right around the corner. We are dedicated to addressing the pain in your tooth promptly and administering the appropriate treatment so that you can retain a strong, healthy, viable tooth if at all possible.

Your tooth has two layers called enamel and dentin. They’re like barriers around the tooth. And bacteria cannot get inside where the delicate pulp and nerve are. Unfortunately, when you have a Mount Laurel toothache, it typically means that the barrier has become compromised. There are two basic ways it happens. Either dental decay breaks down those protective layers, resulting in a cavity; or the tooth becomes damaged, such as when it is chipped, cracked, or fractured. Cavities can be filled, but a filling does not last forever. And additional decay and cause the snugness of the filling to become less secure, and it then loosens or even falls out. Either way, your tooth is exposed. A damaged tooth needs a crown fastened to the top of it, which then restores it to its full level of security. Your Mount Laurel toothache may become considerably worse if a bacterial infection is sustained inside the tooth. If so, you will need root canal therapy, which involves removing the pulp and nerve, and then cleaning and disinfecting the canals. The sooner the treatment is done, the better the chance for success, with the overall rate being about 90%. In fact, the sooner you come in for examination and diagnosis, the better the outcome is likely to be regardless of the treatment.

Don’t suffer with your Mount Laurel toothache. Instead, contact our office and arrange an appointment right away.

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